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Forbidden Fruit

Classified as an Indica-Sativa hybrid on a ratio of 70:30, the Forbidden Fruit weed strain offers the best of both the benefits Of the Indica and that Sativa to its users. One of the most attractive offers of this strain is the high THC content it boasts of, THC percentages fall between twenty-three and twenty-seven on average.

The Forbidden Fruit weed strain was crossbred by the Cherry Pie hybrid and Tangje Sativa as its parent strains. It is acknowledge for its medicinal properties making it suitable for those seeking the medical relief marijuana has to offer. This strain is a wonderful strain with a gorgeous flavor profile, beautiful appearance, nice and savory aroma, coupled with mind-blowing effects.

In this article, you’ll read about this wonderful strain called the Forbidden Fruit strain, understand its properties, benefits and other important information including how to grow this weed strain.

What Is The Forbidden Fruit Strain?

Forbidden Fruit weed strain is a hybrid strain that keeps the senses of the consumer intoxicated through the process of a relaxed and euphoric high-feeling. It has a fruity and unusual flavor which consists of earthy, deep nuttiness and citrusy flavors. This strain is useful for treating diverse medical issues making it helpful for consumers.


Although not very popular, Forbidden Fruit weed strain might just be one of the most heavenly kept secrets for cannabis smokers. It can also be referred to as Le Fruit Defendu.

Forbidden Fruit weed strain has lots of tangible things to offer to the consumer in terms of feelings, medical benefits, taste, flavor, and aroma. Although its name seems like something you should keep away from, you might actually have trouble letting go of this strain after your first try.

What Does The Forbidden Fruit Weed Strain Feel And Taste Like?

The first thing that overwhelmed you about the forbidden fruit weed strain is its scent which further encourages you to taste the weed. The taste of the forbidden fruit doesn’t fall short of its scent though. It is fruity with additional and distinctive hints of earth and floral, followed by notes of lemon-citrus flavor, business, and something that consumers attribute to chestnut.

The taste of the Forbidden Fruit weed strain is complex but the notes of this strain blend in together in such a way that you want to keep inhaling.

Forbidden fruit has relaxing and euphoric effects causing you to release tension for a while. The high is a quick creeper and you can begin to feel heady within a few minutes of consuming this weed.

Mentally, this strain allows you to enjoy and feel your present moments, helping you put aside negative worries. you feel happy and contented, waves of energy surging through your body. All of these soon blend into a strong high leaving you stoned and intoxicated. You might also feel sedated while your mood is uplifted.

For some, they feel couch-locked as soon as this weed makes their body relax. Due to these effects, the Forbidden Fruit weed strain is consumed in the evenings or on a day when you’re off from work. If taken too early in the day, the strain can pull down your energy levels which does not sound too good for you if you’re hoping to get work done.

Forbidden Fruit Cannabis Strain’s Appearance

The buds  are delicate with several shades and colors including pink, blue, purple, and orange. The buds are thick with a heavy layer of coating that is frosty and crystallized. The pistils are orange and curly, appearing seldom on this strain. The forbidden fruit strain is just as beautiful as its euphoric high.


History Of The Forbidden Fruit Weed Strain

The Forbidden Fruit weed strain was crossbred by the Cherry Pie hybrid and Tangje Sativa as its parent strains.

Generated originally by the Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds company. Its name is an accurate representation for some of the attributes it possesses. The most common trait associated with the Forbidden Fruit weed strain is its uncommon high yield making it a lucrative business for weed farmers.

THC Strain Test of Forbidden Fruit Cannabis Strain

This strain has a  THC content of between about 23% to 28%. The CBD level of this strain is low which offers users several benefits.

Mostly enjoye by expert smokers, novice and beginners are advise to avoid this strain especially if they have low tolerability to THC.

Medical Benefits Of The Strain

The Forbidden Fruit weed strain helps in the healing processes of several medical conditions affecting both the mind and body. These conditions include but are not limited to chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia, migraine, chronic stress, muscle spasms, and loss of appetite.

For people who want relief from a mental disorder, it is important to monitor the amount of this strain when consuming.


Side Effects 

There are no known negative effects of this strain on consumers. However, you might experience some negative side effects like those with weed in general. These include cotton mouth and dry eyes. Properly staying hydrated and eating lots of fruits will help you.

How To Grow this Strain

This weed strain is very easy to cultivate. It is however best to grow it where you can control the light. It is resistant to molds, pests, and mildew, which makes the crop low maintenance and high yield.

Growth time is fairly weak with flowering periods between seven to nine weeks. If you are in search of a weed that is simple to grow, this is a sure brilliant option. When cultivated indoors, adequate ventilation and the circulation of air are important.

Forbidden Fruit thrives better where there is plenty of sunlight. The average yield is high with about 15 ounces/m² indoors, and an average yield of 15 ounces per plant when cultivated outdoors. If you’re looking for a tasty cannabis weed to cultivate, this strain is a great option.


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