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Butter OG is a super rare (and super delicious) indica dominant hybrid strain with unknown parentage due to a high level of breeder secrecy. It’s thought to be a descendant of OG Kush and another buttery strain, although nothing can be certain.

The flavor of Butter OG is exactly how it sounds – creamy and buttery with an appley vanilla overtone. On the exhale this takes a crazy turn, turning sharp and chemical and leaving you coughing. The smell of this strain is very rich and creamy, too, although it becomes fruity and chemical as the nugs are burned and smoked.

These buds have lumpy popcorn-shaped minty green nugs with orange hairs that are coated with a super thick frosty layer of tiny light amber crystal trichomes. The Butter OG high is almost as smooth as the flavor with a relaxing overtone that leaves you feeling blissful and hungry.

It hits you first with a happy yet hazy lift that infuses you with the urge to giggle at anything and everything that you hear. You’ll feel chatty and outgoing with no social anxieties whatsoever. In combination with its super potent 20% + average THC level, Butter OG is said to be perfect for treating chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and muscle spasms.

While there is not much information available on the origins of Butter OG, it is generally thought to be an indica-dominant strain as it gives consumers a very relaxing, giggly high that gradually fades to sleepiness. Its dense, sparkly buds give off a fruity scent with slight undertones of ammonia.

The smoke is very light and smooth, with sweet flavors on the inhale and, as its name suggests, a buttery aftertaste. Butter OG is potentially beneficial for treating pain, anxiety, depression, and insomnia.

Butter OG effects


84% of people report feeling relaxed
56% of people report feeling sleepy
48% of people report feeling happy
16% of people report feeling dizzy
Dry eyes
16% of people report feeling dry eyes
Dry mouth
12% of people report feeling dry mouth
Helps with
36% of people say it helps with insomnia
36% of people say it helps with pain
24% of people say it helps with stress

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