Blueberry Chemdawg Strain


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Blueberry Chemdawg Strain

Blueberry Chemdawg Strain is an indica leaning hybrid strain that is know for its sweet flavor. Buds of the popularized Blueberry Chemdawg create a scent that’s reminiscent of its name. It emits a sweet chemical-like aroma with hints of berries and apricots just beneath its surface. Blueberry Chemdawg’s cured nuggets are speckled with frosty blue hues and mossy greens.

THC levels range in the high teens to low 20’s, and its effects have been compared to taking a sleeping aid by some consumers. Some have also found that they experienced tranquility and an improved mood in which their negative thoughts all but vanished. However, some also said they’ve experienced a spacey mindset with a lack of focus.


The genetics of Blueberry Chemdawg are quite easy to remember as it’s a cross between the Blueberry and Chemdawg strains. Occasionally, you might see Blueberry Chemdawg referred to as Blue Dog.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Blueberry Chemdawg Strain

What is Blueberry Chemdawg?
Blueberry Chemdawg is an indica leaning hybrid strain that is know for its sweet flavor.
Where does Blueberry Chemdawg come from?
Blueberry Chemdawg is a cross of Blueberry and Chemdawg.
What does Blueberry Chemdawg smell like?
Blueberry Chemdawg has a pungent chemical and diesel aroma. Underneath those powerful scents there are notes of sweetness, herbs and tobacco.
What does Blueberry Chemdawg taste like?
Blueberry Chemdawg has a sweet berry flavor that quickly turns more herbal and harsh like a dry tobacco that finishes spicy.
What color does Blueberry Chemdawg have?
Blueberry Chemdawg has chunky light olive green buds at clump together tightly which five it the appearance of being one giant rounded clump of bud. it has light orange pistils and is caked in a thick coating of white trichomes which further glue it all together.
What effects does Blueberry Chemdawg have?
Blueberry Chemdawg has been say to be love for the powerful cerebral and body buzz it provides. In the mind users report mood enhancing qualities while in the body they say they feel melted and relaxed. Some report this relaxation leads to sleep with others saying its perfect for couch surfing and movies.
Is Blueberry Chemdawg an Indica, Sativa or Hybrid?
Blueberry Chemdawg is an indica leaning hybrid strain.

Blueberry Chemdawg Strain


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